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Eureka High

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Committed to challenging and developing all students to become highly competitive, responsible and productive members of society

School Store Procedures

MORNING SHIFT ONLY: you may park in any designated visitor parking spot.

To Open

  • For building security, sign in at the Welcome Center and get a name tag.
  • The first person to arrive will also need to get the store keys from the Welcome Center and the morning shift money pouch from the school resource officer in his safe.
  • Unlock store doors. It is not necessary to adjust any lights, as they turn on automatically with movement. Turn on LED sign over sink. Turn on Keurigs and add water if necessary.
  • Unlock storage room door, propping it open. Please note that the door is heavy and when it shuts, it locks automatically and you will be locked out of the room, so please use the doors stops.
  • Get an apron and fill pockets with change from the money pouch. If you run out of quarters there is a small supply in the locked filing cabinet (keys are on store key chain).
  • If you would like to use them, a supply of gloves can be found in the supply/storage area of the store.
  • Prop open the enter and exit doors (use door stops) when it's time to sell.
  • During quiet periods
    • Stock snacks as needed
    • Clean counter tops, with Windex-type cleaner or disinfectant, if needed.
  • Read any notes that may have been left for store workers on bulletin board above desk.

To Close

  • Shut both store doors.
  • Empty aprons; check all pockets! If you used an apron, please spray it with the Lysol Disinfectant and hang it on the rack.
  • MORNING SHIFTS DO NOT NEED TO COUNT THE MONEY OR MAKE A DEPOSIT. Please place all cash and coins back into the money pouch and turn it into the Secretary at the Welcome Center.
  • Turn off the LED Light board. Turn off Keurigs but do not empty the water tanks. There is no need to turn out the main store lights; they will shut off with inactivity.
  • Lock both doors on the way out.
  • Take the keys and money pouch back to the Secretary at the Welcome Center and sign out of the visitor log.