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Committed to challenging and developing all students to become highly competitive, responsible and productive members of society

Fiscal Procedures

All forms mentioned in the Budget/Finances section are available from the PTO Treasurer, the PTO President, or on the Important Forms page.

Creating/Monitoring Budget

The Committee Chair(s) is responsible for reviewing your budget and estimating your income and expenses before starting your project. If your project requires multiple committees, the overall Committee Chair(s) is responsible for creating a budget for each committee that does not exceed the overall budget. The Committee Chair(s) monitors expenses and income throughout the project.

Sign-off of Committee Income/Expenses

Once all deposits and expenses are turned into the Treasurer, the Committee Chair(s) needs to double check the tabulation sheet, review each line item to ensure all items are included and accurately recorded, and report any discrepancies or outstanding items to the Treasurer.

Exceeding Budget: Board Approval

If committee expenses must exceed the amount budgeted, contact your VP or Class President before incurring the additional expenses in order to request board approval. Expenses in excess of budgeted amounts will not be reimbursed unless you receive prior board approval.

Paying Expenses

Sales Tax Exemption

The PTO is exempt from paying sales tax when purchasing supplies for PTO activities. Please show the attached tax exempt letter to the vendor to avoid paying sales tax. Reach out to EHS PTO Treasurer or President to get form. Sales tax will not be reimbursed if you fail to use the tax exempt form.

Sam's Club Card and EHS Credit Card

PTO has a Sam's Club and credit card to purchase supplies/food for any PTO event. The PTO President, PTO Treasurer or VP of Fundraising must be present with the committee member at Sam's to provide a PTO credit card. Make arrangements with one of these officers If you need to order something online or face to face at Sam's.

Advance Check Request

To obtain a PTO check payable to the vendor for a specified amount, complete a "Payment Request and Other Expenses" form, attach the original contract/invoice, and submit to the PTO Treasurer at least two weeks in advance, if possible. Keep a copy for your records. If you do not have an invoice at the time of the request, please note "Invoice to Follow" on the form and provide an invoice to PTO Treasurer as soon as it is received.

Direct Bill/Invoice

The preferred method of paying for expenses is to request the vendor to send an invoice to the PTO Treasurer as follows:

Eureka High School
Attention: PTO Treasurer
4525 Highway 109
Eureka, MO 63025

Before an invoice is paid, the Committee Chairperson must complete the "Payment Request and Other Expenses" form to show authorization for payment and provide to the Treasurer.

Out of Pocket Expense Reimbursement

  • In order to monitor and report PTO expenses, reimbursement requests need to be submitted within two weeks after incurring your expense.
  • To obtain a reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, complete a "Reimbursement" form, attach the original receipt(s) and submit to the PTO Treasurer. Keep copies for your records.
  • Once you have received a reimbursement check, please deposit in a timely manner.

Deposits/Cash Box

Collecting Cash/Checks for Events in Advance

Any cash/checks received from students for an event will be scanned and shared with the chair of the event/class treasurer.

NOTE: Money cannot leave the school building.

Cash Box Request

PTO has two empty cash boxes that can be obtained from the PTO Treasurer.

Prior to the Event

If your event requires a cash box, complete a "Cash Box Money Request" form with the amount and denominations you need and put in PTO Treasurers folder in the PTO mailbox at least two weeks before your event. The Treasurer will provide the cash on the date of the event

At the Event

  • Make sure that cash is always handled in a secure manner and never leave the cash box unattended. Please consult with the PTO treasurer on the policies regarding handling cash at events.
  • Before the event starts, two committee members need to verify that the amount requested is present and initial the cash box request form. Please notify the Treasurer if a discrepancy exists.
  • After the event or on a daily basis (if committee has cash box more than one day), two committee members need to count the money in the cash box, complete "Deposit Request" and Tabulation forms, place cash/checks inside the form and fold the paper in third with checks and cash inside, and give to the PTO Treasurer or Board Member before you leave the event. If the PTO Treasurer or Board Member is not present, the cash box should be locked and put in the file cabinet in the school store or safe in the office. The school principal on duty or school secretary has access to the safe in the office.

After the Event

If you leave the cash box in the file cabinet in the school store make sure the cabinet is locked. The cabinet key must be returned to the Welcome Center or PTO Treasurer the next day before noon.

NOTE: Money cannot leave the school building. If the event is held off-site, place the money in a locked bag (check it out from the PTO Treasurer) and have one PTO Board member take home the locked bag, and one PTO Board Member take home the key. The bag and key should be returned to school by 9 a.m. the next school day.


Please complete the checklist enclosed and forward, along with your folder, to your VP or PTO President within 2 weeks of your event's completion. This information will be passed to the person who will chair this committee next year. Please take good notes of what you do for your committee and/or event to make it helpful for the next person taking over the committee.