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Eureka High

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Committed to challenging and developing all students to become highly competitive, responsible and productive members of society



  • Peachjar flyers are distributed daily when school is in session. In order to have something distributed, you must submit it to Kary Bachert no later than noon.
  • Your flyer must be created and saved as a PDF.
  • Make sure all flyers have a contact name and email/phone for any questions.


  • The EHS PTO President and VP of Communication are the Administrators for Facebook. If you would like a flyer posted onto Facebook, you must save it as a JPG. First, you must save a flyer as a PDF.
  • Then, open the PDF and save it as a JPG.
  • If you want a quick announcement of an event set up, please provide key details or verbiage along with a piece of clip art or picture. The best times to post are early morning, late afternoon or after 8:00 PM. Stay clear of TH-SAT. Posts with pictures are viewed more than those without pictures.

EHS School Marquee/School and or PTO Website

Submit any information you would like to be placed on the school marquee or front page of the school website to the PTO President for school approval. This is not a guarantee it will be promoted, based on the activities/ events going on at the time of request.

Membership Toolkit

EHS PTO will be utilizing membership toolkit for: volunteers, directory information, purchasing orders/fundraising and budget/reporting purposes. The EHS PTO President will be the point of contact for committee chairs and officers regarding uploading key information. All financial reporting questions can be directed to the PTO Treasurers.

General Communication Pointers

Keys to Effective Communication to the EHS Community

  • Send out communication about an event/activity at least two months prior to the "Save the Date." This can be done via Social Media, School and PTO Websites, Peachjar, School-Wide Direct Emails through PTO.
  • 2-3 weeks in advance, send out a final reminder for the event.
  • Post event, send thank you to committee members and/or message to PTO President to post on Facebook about the success of the event.

Communication Procedures

  • All FLYERS or written communication must include the official EHS PTO Logo. This helps to identify the source of the fundraiser or activity.
  • The PTO President must approve all correspondence sent to families, school administrators and the school board on behalf of the PTO or written on PTO stationary. Please send to PTO President for final approval. All correspondence sent home to families should be edited for accuracy and clarity.
  • If your notice will appear in more than one place be sure the facts are the same everywhere.
  • Whenever you write a letter, sign it with your name, your PTO office and, if appropriate, your phone number/email.
  • Invitations should include one or two names and phone numbers of committee members who can provide additional information.
  • PTO letterhead and logos are available for letters written to people or businesses outside of the school community, i.e. Thank you to a business making a donation to PTO. Contact the PTO secretary to receive the JPG.


We may use the Copy Room located off the main office The copier can be used after school hours by PTO members. If more than 100 sheets need to be copied, please work with the Production Office to make copies.