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Eureka High

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Committed to challenging and developing all students to become highly competitive, responsible and productive members of society

Master Guidelines

Incoming Transition

Review this handbook and last year's notebook or electronic files. If you have not visited with your predecessor, you might schedule a time to visit via phone or in person.

Committee Members

You will receive a list of committee members by September 1st. As the year progresses, if we have parents who volunteer, we will forward this information to you. Contact each of the volunteers by phone or email no later than September 15th. Introduce yourself. Give them the date of your event, if applicable and arrange a meeting or tell them when you will contact them next.

Reporting to PTO Exec or Class Exec

Discuss preliminary questions with your President or assigned VP. It is critical to keep them aware of your committee's activities at all phases of development. You are responsible for reporting on all relative activities, on a monthly basis, to the PTO Executive Board via the PTO President/Class President or Assigned VP.

Mailroom/Collecting Orders

The PTO Treasurer/President will open all correspondence in the school mailroom. Class officers and committee chairs will receive correspondence if they have donations or order forms to pick up in the mailroom.

Please remember the Cash or Checks should not leave the school. Please do not take them home and bring the back another time.